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Data Management for Meditech, Epic,
Oracle, JDEdwards, Lawson

Companies Expand.  Data Grows.  Systems slow down.  Security Challenges abound.  We specialize in helping you solve data management issues revolving around custom and core packaged applications in our areas of expertise.

100% of data base users will face data
growth, application slow down and privacy challenges!

How do you plan to solve it long term?  

We have partnered with IBM to deliver the Optim Data Management software that will enable you to manage your data growth, data privacy and test data in an integrated manner.  You need a permanent solution, not a band-aid.  Call us now at 603-494-3844 to find out how we can help you solve your data management challenges for the long haul.  

IBM BUsiness Partner

Go To Market partner for IBM Optim Data Management Solutions!

Our years of ERP and Health Care expertise can help your business improve your operations smoothly and rapidly!